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Events schedule & registration

Making the time and space for connections with your KINxFOLK is essential. We strive to create safe and exclusive spaces for our fellow ABCD (African, Black, Caribbean and Diaspora) folk to enjoy and play!

Check out our seasonal calendar for upcoming events and programs from KINxFOLK. We look forward to seeing you out!

Safety note: In light of our changing world, we kindly ask that if you are feeling unwell, to stay at home. We love meeting new people, and want to do so safely.  


register for tickets to see...

The Toronto Argos

at the CFL Playoffs!

... happening Sunday, November 13 @ 12 noon

Please await your confirmation email before arriving. This is a free event, with limited seats - first come, first serve.

Do you identify as ABCD (African, Black, Caribbean and Diaspora)

Thanks for submitting! Please await your confirmation email with further details.

Rock Climbing Instructor

Rock Climbing Meet - up


Date TBA

Christmas Lights

Ilumi  Adventure


Date TBA

Table Decoration in the Wedding Hall

First Annual Alumni Ball


March 2023

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