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As Toronto youth raised in the Jane-Finch, Jane-Wilson and Weston-Lawrence communities who have volunteered in different social service opportunities, we noticed gaps in mental health support for our community and thought it important to provide services to meet the need.

Kinxfolk has been running programs since 2017 to youth ages 23 and up.


We host overnight camps and trips that allow ABCD campers to build their mental health. We immerse them in environments that build confidence, help them step out of their comfort zone,connect with people who have shared identities, and develop personal life goals and tools to address being a Black body. Most of our current team were once campers. Our alumni campers report the importance of the experiences they had, mentioning they wish to provide these experiences to their younger counterparts. Campers wonder what would have been if KINxFOLK

was there for them during their earlier stages of development.




The term derived by our

Happiness Director, stands for:







To capacity build ABCD campers through different emotional, social and physical activities creating connections with nature
and embrace their identity through joy.


A global safe haven that integrates culture, holistic healing & clinical research to catalyze self actualization and community
development with focus on ABCD


A safe space

Conscientious pursuit of Happiness

Respect to rights & differences

Capacity building

Embracing diversity & inclusion

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