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How We Serve

KINxFOLK is a capacity building organization. We discover healthy methods and materials; connect folks to nature, play and rest; implement integration; and evaluate results of happiness.

We do that by:

Space Curating

We carve into a piece of the world and make space for ourselves that is secure enough to discover who we are, what we like, and what we want.This includes ensuring we bring together people who understand and uphold KINxFOLK’s vision and safety regulations.

Collaborative Engagement Practices

By outlining boundaries, we learn how to connect with each other. Camp practices are designed and agreed upon by staff and campers then implemented throughout the stay. Practices include: Accountability partners, Krucial Konversations and challenging the ways we engage with conflict.

Focussing on our Demographic of ABCD.

Focussing on Black people gives us a chance to learn about our nature and our nurture. Sharing our diversity to understand who we are as individuals is just as valuable as sharing our similarities to understand how we are a community.

Learning from Data Collection and Evaluating Research.

Data is collected to make decisions about our livelihood. Very little of that data is Black, Black-Canadian, or reflective of ABCD communities. We develop our evaluation processes consistently to be engaging and useful. Do we need spaces like this? What effect does this have on us? What can we all do better?


Theming our Programming.

This work involves us understanding various types of socializing and its effects on our demographic. Currently we practice proven happy and healthy elements like Rest, Play and Nature while developing new programs, activities and materials.

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