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Camp Kinxfolk is for us by us.

We know the importance of play and communication, and we use it to address our campers’ mental health. Our goal is to carve out parts of the world and create a safe space for those who look like us and share our experiences.  We use arts and crafts, land and water sports, team building games, and agriculture to get youth out of their comfort zones and provide a space where their vulnerability is the segue to honest conversations.


We take youth out of the city and into the country side. The intention is to help campers break out of the bubble the city tends creates and address traumas outside the walls they were created in. We allow campers space, literally and figuratively, to discover themselves and each other away from distractions and day to day social and financial responsibilities.

Choosing to make our spaces Black focused gives the power back to our campers. They can be comforted knowing here they are given priority. Here, there is no fight for attention or to be appreciated. Here, they don’t have to explain themselves. This is done by having all Black instructors, Black chefs and attempting to keep all camp spaces as Black as possible.


Find Your Tribe With KINxFOLK.


Our intensive camp is an attempt to bridge gaps connecting black youth in three ways:



1.    Mental health focussing on traumas caused by social expectations, poverty, racism and disconnection to public spaces as a black body.


2.    Building and maintaining healthy relationships in the form of peer support; where to look for them or how to create them.


3.    Providing life tools - building physical and mental skills that promote healthy living and communication using camp activities.


We want to create a safe space and build a KINxFOLK community, where we can have a healthy dialogue discussing mental health, joy and building positive relationships with your peers.


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